For additional materials, information, and savings support, please take advantage of the resources SEVENFACT offers:

HEMA Biologics Cares™ is here to help

HEMA Biologics Cares is here to help patients throughout their SEVENFACT experience. We offer information, services, and financial/savings support to assist patients every step of the way:

Financial/savings support

  • SEVENFACT Co-pay Program* – if patients qualify for this program, HEMA Biologics Cares† can help them receive up to $12,000 in savings per calendar year*
  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP) – HEMA Biologics recognizes that not everyone has health insurance. The PAP provides SEVENFACT at no cost to patients who meet certain income requirements


  • Quick Start Program – if SEVENFACT is needed immediately, but a Prior Authorization may delay the process of the prescription, HEMA Biologics may be able to provide SEVENFACT to assist in the interim
  • Bridge Program – if the patient has a gap in insurance coverage, HEMA Biologics may be able to provide SEVENFACT during this period
  • Benefit investigation/coverage determination – HEMA Biologics can help determine patients’ insurance coverage and what benefits they qualify for
  • Prior Authorization (PA) support – if insurance requires a PA for SEVENFACT, HEMA Biologics can assist in the process

*Pay as little as $0 per fill for up to 12 months from the date of SEVENFACT Co-pay Savings Card activation, subject to a maximum savings of $12,000 per calendar year. For full program requirements, visit or call 855-718-HEMA (4362) and select Option 3.

For patients who prefer to work with their specialty pharmacy (SP) rather than HEMA Biologics Cares to access the SEVENFACT Co-pay Savings program, the SP should contact McKesson at 1-855-726-2283.

This program is not available to patients who are covered under private health insurance or under Medicaid, Medicare, or any other federal, state, or government-funded benefit programs. For full program requirements, visit or call 855-718-HEMA (4362) and select Option 3.


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The rapid, predictable§, and reliable control of SEVENFACT 225||


§As seen in the clinical trial.
||225 mcg/kg initial dosing regimen in the clinical trial.